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Jan 22, 2017 The Mournful King Comes: “Luke 19:28-44”   “Jesus is the risen Lord who weeps for us with his own tears and is not afraid to enter our pain or grief.”  Listen Download
Jan 15, 2017 Power to Live in Purity “Ephesians 4:14- 5:20”   The Gospel does not tell us to live in moral purity. It also tells us how, and where to get the spiritual power to live in purity. This power is experienced in the process of putting on the new Listen Download
Jan 8, 2017 “One in Christ in Seven Perfect Ways!” Ephesians 4:1-6   As God’s spiritual army, the Church thrives when it lives and serves in unity. In Ephesians 4:1-16, Paul shows us 7 perfect ways the body of Christ is one.  In Christ, we are: One body; One in Spirit; One Listen Download
Dec 18, 2016 John 1:10-13 “The Glory of the Living Word”   Glory of the Living Word.  How do you recognize Gods glory in your life?     Listen Download
Nov 10, 2015 Redeeming Words, Mediating Grace – 1 Samuel 25:14-35 Conflict is inevitable, but what about when a friend, loved one or spouse causes a conflict, how are we to respond? How are two sides that are broken, reconciled? How is the Gospel the answer to bringing peace in each individual Listen Download
Nov 3, 2015 Being Groomed 1 Samuel 22:1-5 Being Groomed for Victory can be a painful process. David has been anointed to be king and he is yet to be crowned king and is now found to be in a cave with the distress, those in debt and Listen Download
Oct 11, 2015 A Friend Indeed! 1 Samuel 17:55-18:9 Today we are exploring the friendship between Jonathan and David. Join us as Pastor Rod opens God’s Word as we seek to learn about God’s providence and friendship. Join us Sundays for Worship at Calvary Church in Lowell, Mi. at Listen Download
Sep 27, 2015 Being Anointed – 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Join us as we open the Word of God to the book of 1 Samuel 16:1-13. We are beginning our series on the life of King David. There are 3 separate movements in the life of David we will be Listen Download
Sep 20, 2015 What is Faith? Hebrews 11:1-6 9/20/2015 Today we explore the Word of God in  Hebrews 11:1-6 to come to a better understanding of  what faith is. Join us as Pastor Rod explains what is faith and how we show it. Join us every Sunday at 10 Listen Download
Sep 13, 2015 Faith and the Glory of God – Romans 11:36 Join us this Sunday to learn about the intersection of faith and glorifying God. Listen as Pastor Rod opens God’s Word to teach us about going deeper into the question of “how do we glorify God?”. We are in Romans Listen Download