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Apr 2, 2017 “True Devotion” Matthew 26:6-13   The woman in this story who anointed Jesus’ feet shows the kind of devotion we need if we are to offer Christ the kind of service he requires. Listen Download
Mar 26, 2017 “God Enters the Dirty and Shameful Places of Our Lives.” Genesis 38: 1-30   Judah’s story of sexual immorality is dirty and embarrassing. But God enters even our dirty and shameful places to produce life and eternal blessings. Through the son’s she gives to Judah. Tamar becomes an ancestor to the Lord Jesus. Listen Download
Mar 19, 2017 “From Jacob to Israel = Brokenness!” Genesis 32: 1-32   God gives us a new identity through the process of spiritual brokenness. Spiritual brokenness is a painful, but necessary process for our spiritual growth. Listen Download
Mar 12, 2017 “Heaven’s Trap Door” Luke 13:22-30   The narrow door between us and heaven isn’t a matter of exclusivity, but humility. Listen Download
Mar 5, 2017 “Lies, Flight, and Dreams!” Genesis 27: 41-28:22   Jacob’s deceptions, and lies have caught up with him. He has to flee far from his older brother’s anger, and thirst for revenge. However during his flight, GOD appears to him in a dream. God never abandons his covenant people, even Listen Download
Feb 26, 2017 “Preventing a Broken World” II Corinthians 13: 5-6     Not all broken-world experiences can be avoided, but there are things you can do to prevent the impact of others. Listen Download
Feb 19, 2017 “Helping to Heal a Broken World” II Corinthians 1:3-5     What things can you do to help someone who’s having a broken-world experience? Listen Download
Feb 12, 2017 “Excess Baggage” Matthew 11:28-30   All people have some burdens to carry in their lives. Some are necessary, but others are excess baggage. Listen Download
Feb 5, 2017 “I’ve Got a Secret” Romans 12: 1-16   Some kinds of secrets are good, but others are unhealthy, and need to be brought out into the open. Listen Download
Jan 29, 2017 “From 7 Blessings to 7 Spiritual Weapons” Ephesians 5:21-6:23   From 7 blessings to 7 weapons of GOD to protect the blessing received from GOD. The apostle Paul is asking us to put on 7 weapons of GOD to resist our 4 spiritual enemies: The rulers, authorities, The power Listen Download