1151 West Main Street, Lowell, Michigan 49331 Sundays at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Who We Are



Calvary’s mission is to connect ourselves, our community and the world to a real LIFE in Christ.


Our core values are to submit to the Holy Bible, adhere to the creeds and confessions of the Christian Reformed Church, and reflect our desire to be relevant to all generations and to the culture we find in Lowell, Michigan.


Calvary exists to worship in a way that is biblical, holy, and pleasing to God.

Preaching and Teaching

Calvary seeks to preach and teach God’s infallible Word with integrity and authority. Our goal is for all people to meet Christ and believe in Him.


Calvary highly values communication with God both individually and as a community.


Calvary is directed by God to share our faith with our community and with the world.

Family Support

Calvary supports the spiritual needs of families and individuals as a means of strengthening the family of God.

Community Fellowship

Calvary aspires to improve interaction between our church and our community.

Obedience and Dependence on God

Calvary recognizes we are helpless without God. We live to obey His word and depend on Him for all our needs. In Him we find our strength, comfort, and purpose.




At Calvary, we realize first, and foremost, that we are all sinners saved by grace, and that no one is above another in the Kingdom of God. We envision Calvary as a family of God in Lowell. We worship together, pray together, care for one another, encourage and challenge each other as we strive to live in dependence of our loving God.

We envision biblically-based strong male leadership from within our council. We value and encourage the leadership and gifts of women as we walk together.

We envision becoming a church devoted to our walk with Christ — through private time with Him — through our group studies of His Word and through strong biblical instruction from our pastor and each other.

We envision Calvary as a place of learning the Bible and applying its principles daily.


We desire that our worship services glorify God, lighten our burdens, and bring us close together as a church family. Our prayer is that our worship services are challenging to established believers and welcoming to new believers.

We envision Calvary to be committed to dynamic, creative, and inspiring worship.


We envision our lives being an example of Christ’s love to our community in Lowell. We seek to fulfill the Great Commission by reaching out to people with the good news of God’s love for them and offering them salvation through Christ’s finished work.

We envision Calvary as a welcoming place for visitors. We encourage vibrant youth growing in God’s love.

We envision group activities at Calvary, fulfilling the needs of each member of its family, from the eldest, to teenagers, and young children.


We are challenged to develop a culture of acceptance without compromising our biblical faith. Calvary will strive to be a church that reaches out to our community through service and community involvement.