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Mission in the Ukraine


De Vuyst Family  Mission in Ukraine


We envision healthy congregations emerging to bring healing and transformation to lives and communities throughout Ukraine and Eastern Europe’s post-communist countries.

Together with our partners in Ukraine, we are training church leaders in Ukraine’s post-Soviet, post-Christian, and post-atheist society in order to develop healthy churches with a biblical understanding of Christianity so that the Kingdom of God may transform all spheres of life and society.

Ministry in Ukraine
We, along with our three children, have served in Ukraine since 1998. George mentored local missionaries and we worked in church planting with a Ukrainian Reformed congregation helping it develop into a healthy church that can serve as a model for other congregations. Since 2010, we have been using Timothy Leadership Training to equip church leaders in healthy church practices. Following home service, we are moving to the capital, Kyiv to focus on leadership development in partnership with Timothy Leadership Training and other organizations.

Church Redefined: A look at how lives have changed because of mission in the Ukraine



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Worldview: Here is a video on the importance of Worldview and the difference it makes in the Ukraine mission:


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